I agree with 303 and have personally witnessed fraud with the government assistance program

I agree with 303 and have personally witnessed fraud with the government assistance program

Not WANTING to get a real job or reporting income is fraud. Then getting pregnant and having WIC pay and medicaid covering expenses makes me want to scream. Living with your boyfriend is not the issue but reporting being a single mom with no other income is!

I gave up so much raising my kids and took time off. My choice and the income went down. Of course we planned our kids. I am tired of the mistakes. We have way too many ways to help with this. Government assistance is way too easy. I feel better now! Finally a forum I can vent to. anon1250

I have a problem with people saying that you should not be able to vote while you are on welfare and are worthless and lazy.

It never occurred to me to apply for assistance

I was severely hurt in work over a year ago and I am in the process of having surgery in the next few months. My husband still worked up until he was in a bad accident earlier this year. He has been out of work since then and has had multiple surgeries.

As soon as my husband is able to return to work and I get my surgery and am able to return to work, I will not need welfare benefits to survive

We also have a five year old son who we have to provide for. I swore in the past that I would never turn to welfare. But in the past year with me getting hurt and my husband’s accident, we were falling behind.

Now we have a temporary monthly income of $1300 a month from his disability. My case is tied up in workers comp court and as of right now I am not receiving any kind of income.

Our expenses every month are almost $2400. So I turned to welfare for my five year old son’s sake, so he can have food on the table and a roof over our heads.

As soon as we are able I will not need welfare anymore. So I feel I should be able to vote.

You are basically saying because we are disabled for a temporary time we shouldn’t vote. We are also not worthless or lazy. We both have been working since we were 15 years old. anon1241

As a result of «the dole» or more commonly known as welfare, the people of this country have become quite lazy. In addition all of you who continually reference that welfare is a state funded operation realize where the https://www.besthookupwebsites.org/escort/fort-collins/ state actually gets it’s money from? Yeah that’s right, taxes. In some form or another, all the money use to fund welfare is based on taxes.

it’s insane how completely wrapped up in your own delusions some of you can be. You aren’t helping anyone by defending these lazy people. you’re only hurting the already crippled psychological aspects of these people convinced that «they deserve help» when society would be better off without them. anon1224

OK, enough of this. I am 28, and have been on my own since 17. I got a job, mowing lawns, and put myself through school. Paid cash, no loans, no grants, no aid. Now I have a bachelors of science, and work 80 to 100 hours a week, because all the help I try to hire thinks the job is too hard. I have stopped looking to hire now.

Now there is one less job available on the market because of all these people sitting on their couches, pumping out snot nose brats. No more welfare until all the jobs are filled. anon1221

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